My packages store for BeagleBone running Debian 9

I'm building IoT gateway based on BeagleBone Black at the startup AgriConnect, with Python as the primary programming language.

When the application grows complex, the board shows to be weak. We cannot find stronger board than BeagleBone, so the only option is to try to make our app run lighter. We try to adopt latest Python version, now is 3.6, to take advantage of optimization work in them. The latest Debian image for BeagleBone is stretch (Debian 9), which doesn't include Python 3.6 in its repository.

There are some backport packages of Python 3.6 for Debian 9, but only for amd64 arch. Fortunately they provide a build script. I can use it to build for armhf arch, which is in BeagleBone boards.

How to build for armhf? The board is weak, we should not run the build process directly on BeagleBone. It can take some days!