Setup router to work with Malaysian TM Unifi service

These days I have tough time to setup my office router. My company use internet provided by TM (Telekom Malaysia), under the name UniFi (not to be confused with Ubiquiti UniFi, a brand of network device).

This network have a custom setup that, minimal configuration (with PPPoE username and password only) doesn't work. The router fails to connect to ISP with error "Timeout waiting for PADO packet". Normally, TM provides its own router to customer and nothing should be cared to make it work. But because that router is not stable enough, we decide to replace it with a TP-Link router (WDR4300ND model).

First time I configured the router is some months ago, with careful reading before doing, and did it so smoothly that I didn't notice there is customization in the router. But today, I upgrade firmware, and problems come out. Something to note:

  • The router should be installed with Malaysia-targeted firmware. Our router is sold in Malaysia, so it comes with a variant of firmware for Malaysia providers, such as TM Unifi, Maxis... I didn't notice this, so when I looked for new firmware to upgrade, I wrongly took the "international" one.

  • In addition to WAN login detail, the router need to have correct VLAN setting. The Malaysia firmware has "UniFi mode" to help user to do this. Here is the detail:

Unifi VLAN

The VLAN ID have to be exactly 600 for IPTV and and 500 for Internet! I tried with 3 and 2 and it doesn't work. Even if you don't use IPTV, you still have to setup like this.

This should be noted if someone want to use OpenWrt in Malaysia. OpenWrt Admin interface (LuCI) doesn't have a specific page for Unifi, but I think application of those VLAN setting is enough. And yes, some guys are successful with those manual setup.